Clean water concrete protectant

Issuing time:2020-02-23 00:00

1 Overview:

This is a high-durability room temperature curing fluororesin (Bonnflon) transparent coating, spraying the concrete surface to protect the concrete from the external environment for a long time and maintain the natural mechanism and texture of the concrete spraying process.

The main features are as follows:

1). Super weather resistance:

Due to the excellent weather resistance of fluorocarbon resin, the concrete surface can be maintained for 20 years without maintenance;

2). Outstanding water repellency (water resistance):

The base coat has excellent water resistance and prevents moisture from infiltrating into the concrete, thereby playing a role in protecting the concrete;

3). Return to the original and return to nature, the surface effect:

It can maintain the natural color, mechanism and texture of concrete to achieve a unique and personalized surface effect;

4). Prevent concrete cracking:

The entire concrete wall is protected by a fluorocarbon resin coating to avoid cracks caused by the concrete being invaded;

5). Very effectively prevent the neutralization of concrete:

Neutralization of concrete is a great hazard for the deterioration of concrete. The efficient protection of fluorocarbon resin coating can avoid mixing

The concrete was neutralized and destroyed.

2. Material selection and ingredients

This process uses Bonnflon Water Base AC (Bonflon Water Base AC) produced by Asahi Glass Coating & Resin Co. Ltd., which combines the professional construction technology and technology of Beijing Zhonghe Sanjiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Experience, thus completed the large-scale clear concrete projects in the country such as the Shenzhen Universiade Center Shanghai Design Center Shandong Shidaowan Nuclear Power Station Shanghai Jiading Long-distance Passenger Station and so on.

○ 1 Material selection:

Bonnflon AC construction method classification

A. According to the coating effect, it can be divided into:

■ Clear coating method (Clear Coating)

■ Color Clear Coating

B. According to the coating material, it can be divided into:

■ Waterborne fluorocarbon resin coating

■ Water-based silicone resin coating

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