How to stick steel reinforcement for building?

Issuing time:2020-02-23 00:00

Steel-bonded reinforcement is also known as sticking steel plate reinforcement, which is to bond the steel plate to the surface of the concrete member with a high-performance epoxy adhesive, so that the steel plate and the concrete form a unified whole, and use the good tensile strength of the steel plate to achieve the reinforcement member The purpose of carrying capacity and stiffness.

The advantages of steel plate reinforcement: use steel plate instead of steel, use high-strength structural adhesive with adhesive properties to firmly bond the steel plate to the surface of the concrete member, increase the strength of the reinforced concrete structure, improve the bearing capacity of the structure, and expand the cracks of the member And the development of deflection has an inhibitory effect. The construction is short, flat and fast, and can be carried out without stopping production, without affecting the appearance of the structure, and the weight of the structure is increased very little.

Construction process of bonded steel reinforcement:

Adhesive surface treatment → Adhesive preparation → Glue and paste → Pressure curing → Inspection → Maintenance

Construction method

1. Paste surface treatment

a. Remove the decorative layer from the concrete surface, and then grind the surface layer 1 ~ 2mm with an angle grinder. Repair the large depressions with leveling glue and smooth them, blow them clean with a hair dryer after polishing, and wait until the pasted surface is dry.

b The surface of the steel plate must be polished and derusted with an angle grinder. Before use, it must be wiped clean with a cloth

2. Adhesive preparation

aAccording to the mixing ratio of the adhesive manual, mix with a weigher, and stir evenly with a stirrer to use

3. Glue and paste

a. The adhesive is prepared and applied to the surface of the steel plate with a greasy knife. The thickness is 4mm in the middle and 2mm at the edge. Fix it with a fixed pressurizing system, pressurize it properly, and just use the glue just from the edge of the steel plate.

4. Pressure curing

a. Use expansion bolts to pressurize and fix without any disturbance during curing.

5. Inspection

aThe effective pasting area of the anchoring area is less than 90%, the steel plate must be peeled off and re-pasted

6. Maintenance

a. Passing the inspection must be carried out on the surface of the steel plate twice with anti-rust epoxy red paint

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